Government of Chhattisgarh
Water Resources Department

Integrated and optimum development of Surface and ground water resources in Chhattisgarh state is main responsibility of Water Resources Department.

The main functions are as below:

Asses the water resources in the state, frame policy for making general plan for the complete water sector. Issue guidelines for optimum development water.
Bring uniformity in development of water resources and to prepare plans for use of water resources with the help of research and technology.
Make policy and obtain resources for irrigation and drainage work for development of irrigation and command area.
Make policy for integrated and planned use of Ground water and surface water resources for irrigation and other uses.
Perform surveys and investigation and prepare designs and detailed reports for projects.
Construction, operation and maintenance of Major, Medium, Minor Projects, Lift and tube-well irrigation schemes.
Design and construction of Flood control projects.
Quality control and testing of construction material.
Maintain and review the functionality of Irrigation systems and take actions to improve the irrigation potential.
Collect and update the Hydrological data and use them in planning of projects.